Apple POPs: 70% dark pumpkin n' apple pops
Apple POPs: 70% dark pumpkin n' apple pops
Apple POPs: 70% dark pumpkin n' apple pops
Apple POPs: 70% dark pumpkin n' apple pops

Apple POPs: 70% dark pumpkin n' apple pops

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Nibble Size Seedling (<3oz)

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100% of proceeds from this item benefit New Alternatives for LGBTQ Homeless Youth, an incredible nonprofit providing crisis and drop-in services for LGBTQ+ homeless youth in nyc. Please visit their website to learn more.

Who else loves pumpkin? We do, so much that we've combined it with a few of our favorite things:

• fresh-sliced organic apple, locally grown by our friends at Orchards of Concklin in Rockland County, NY;

• 70% Wampu dark chocolate: one of our bestselling two-ingredient dark chocolates featuring Honduran-origin cacao, made possible via the direct-trade, years-in-the-making labor of love and infrastructure investments by our sourcing partners at Uncommon Cacao;

• organic pumpkin seeds, gently caramelized in the kiss of Colombian-origin organic panela – totally unrefined and richly flavorful sugarcane;

• and the final touch, an irresistible coat of our signature vegan “honeycomb” - gooey, subtly crispy, and endlessly spooky.

Organic locally-grown apple, organic Honduran cacao, organic cane sugar, organic pumpkin seeds, vegan poprocks (sugar, CO2, confectioners glaze), organic panela, organic cinnamon, organic nutmeg, organic allspice, organic ginger.

Made in a fully vegan facility powered by 100% renewable wind energy.

Since we handslice and dip each apple, and apples are famously fruit of a tree and not a fabrication of synthetic fibers (may they always remain so!) – these pops vary in size and weight. We've organized them as best we can into three classes (seedling, sprout and flower) based on their net weight. 

Please note that appearance alone, upon beholding your POProck pop, may not convey the pop's designated size: what appears smaller in dimensions may in fact include more hand-drizzled toppings, more dark chocolate, more apple, and quite likely, all the above.

Rest assured: as with any seedling, sprout or flower, an encounter with any-sized POProck pumpkin n' apple pop will bear as much joy and chocolate-covered possibility as the space around it is fit to contain. We'll pop to that!

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