about us

we handcraft chocolate that tells a story.

from plant to personality, cocoa bean to compost.

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More than a snack

we believe the best chocolate is a 'vibe,' an experience – not simply a dessert or snack, or quick fix for the sweet tooth. (though our sweet tooth says thank you.)

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More than a commodity

we love good chocolate that treats every human who created it as they'd like to be treated. (some call this the 'platinum rule'; we call it the chocolate-covered rule.)

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100% compostable materials

handwrapped in our very own slowcocoa studio, powered by 100% renewable wind energy. all that should linger is the taste (not waste).

Single-origin, mindful sourcing

we source our beans from smallholder farmers located as close as possible to our studio in nyc, avoiding excess fuel waste while supporting the world's most innovative producers of fine cacao.

Powered by plants

our chocolate is vegan, always. (not by accident.)

we seek to infuse more life and energy into the world through our chocolate; never to take. whenever possible, we source locally from our nyc community garden, NJ or upstate farmers.

why slow?

slowness infuses every step of the craft chocolate-making process. the cacao tree grows at least five years before bearing fruit. cacao beans ferment up to seven days, then dry for several more. several days by boat to reach the nyc harbor. three days grinding in our stone melangers. weeks and months to age and develop peak flavor; hours to temper, hand-pour, cool and wrap.

and then, a single bite. and it melts.

we believe slowness can reap rewards at the end of the chocolate lifecycle, too.

the slower we consume the sensations around us, the more mindfully we can perceive their parts. the more we notice, the more space we allow for gratitude to arise.

and isn't gratitude a luxury worth slowing down for?

our core ingredients

single-origin, organic cacao

organic sweetener
organic plant-based milk
single-origin, organic cacao butter