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70% Zorzal

70% Zorzal

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Unlike any dark chocolate you've tasted, our 70% Zorzal is made with only two ingredients, and isn't bitter like we may often associate with dark chocolate. People tend to describe it like a "chocolate-covered cherry", and we tend to agree and say "thanks for comparing this to something so delicious" – although we don't add any flavors or extra ingredients.

Similar to a fine wine, all that flavor comes from the cacao itself, or more specifically, a bunch of factors often invisible to the consumer's eye: 'terroir', meaning the soil and surrounding crops native to the Duarte province of the Dominican Republic where we source our cacao, as well as the style and quality of the beans' fermentation and sun-drying processes at origin, plus the roast profile we apply at our production studio in the Bronx – all contribute to the complexity of flavor unique to this bundle of nibbles.

The net result: a slow-going roller-coaster ride in the coastal sun, splashing into a subtly fruity finish that leaves you rethinking just what dark chocolate can be.