Blueberry Ganache Filled Bonbons | 70% Guatemala

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All profits donated to the Alliance for Middle East Peace (read more below).

These bonbons are a special, limited-release co-creation with our friend Carina, the talented chocolatier behind Third Bean.

Made with our 70% Guatemala dark chocolate – and 100% free of refined sugars – each box of four bonbons features a fresh cashew cream ganache, layered with a tart blueberry compote.

All our profits from these bonbons are donated to the Alliance for Middle East Peace (ALLMEP), a coalition of over 160 organizations – and hundreds of thousands of Palestinians and Israelis – building cooperation, justice, equality, shared society, mutual understanding, and peace among their communities.

Limited supply only. Look forward to more collaborations with Third Bean coming up!

70% Guatemala dark chocolate (organic cacao, organic coconut sugar), blueberries, agar agar, cashews, maple syrup, vanilla bean, sea salt.

Contains: cashews. Made in a fully vegan, gluten-free facility powered by 100% renewable wind energy.

Cacao Verapaz, under the Uncommon Cacao umbrella, has made a significant mark in Guatemala's cacao industry. As a certified B Corp, they initiated a substantial shift by exporting specialty cacao from the country's independent growers, starting their work in Cahabón in 2015. Their focus wasn't just on the cacao but also on the people behind it, particularly the small-scale farmers who were often overlooked and underserved, forced to sell their cacao to middlemen known as "coyotes."

Identifying this disconnect, Cacao Verapaz took a decisive step in 2022 by establishing the "Acopio" – “gathering” in Spanish – a centralized facility in Cahabón dedicated to fermenting and drying cacao. This wasn't just a business move: the Acopio soon brought together 309 producers, all certified organic, creating a community committed to quality and sustainability.

What's special about the cacao here is its intense chocolate flavor paired with a bright, sometimes tangy fruitiness – a testament to the varied plant genetics and refined post-harvest practices at Cacao Verapaz. The recent harvest brought us notes of chocolate ganache, raisins, and the occasional hint of black pepper — a fun opportunity for us to highlight unfolding flavor combinations in each batch. The depth of flavor we aim to bring forward is also a testament to the rigorous quality control during the beans’ post-harvest stage, with a dedicated lab in Cobán ensuring that each batch meets the highest standards – from temperature monitoring during key stages of fermentation, to specific protocols for flavor and cut tests.

At its heart, Cacao Verapaz's approach touches more than cacao production. It's about pioneering change in the industry, empowering local communities, and a steadfast commitment to delivering a product that upholds ethical standards throughout the supply chain.