Frequenly Asked Questions

We're so glad you asked!

Start with the word 'craft' – what does it conjure? For us, the words 'local' or maybe 'etsy' or 'small-batch' come to mind. We think of a skilled artisan, working with their hands. We think of a process. The process might even be slow at times. It's probably not machine-driven so much as human-driven, at least in its crucial formative stages.

Craft chocolate for us means we believe small is beautiful. Slow is beautiful. Inefficiency is beautiful.

We craft chocolate that is different from one batch to the next, and – if you zoom in close enough – from one bar, and even one bite, to the next. That's the human in us. We're proud of that.

Craft chocolate is a celebration of the differences, contradictions, and nuances we all carry. From one nibble to the next.

We think of our chocolates as art. What is art? For our purposes, it's something inherently inefficient in its methods. Put differently: it's something that could be scaled or optimized for production efficiency, but isn't.

If someone could turn to us and say, "We have just the machine to automate that for you!" we'd say, "Thanks! That's very kind," and might politely decline while offering them a piece of chocolate, paired with words from a 14th-century Tibetan poem by Tsongkhapa, and clarify that our chocolate is slowly handcrafted in order to harbor inconsistencies that remind us we're alive.

We are proud to run an inefficient operation. (Isn't the best art horribly inefficient?)

We chose the size of our bars in order to keep the price down, so as many folks as possible can enjoy our handcrafted chocolates, while also including enough per bar to share.

From personal experience, we can confirm there is a special satisfaction to enjoying a full chocolate bar in one sitting. Others may prefer to spread it over a couple servings, or enjoy slow nibbles to savor the nuances in each bite.

We hope you will experiment – there's no right or wrong way to enjoy our chocolate! Contrary to the name, you can go slow or fast – our commitment to a slow handcrafting chocolate-making process will come through either way.

We're so glad you noticed! Our commitment to a slow process of handcrafted chocolate means that we celebrate the differences from one bar to the next. This is true all the more so when the differences are purely cosmetic.

We draw from a variety of compostable and recyclable packaging materials in order to curate each bar's unique story, and sometimes these materials may interact with the edges of your chocolate bar to give it a distinct look and feel.

Chocolate is also scared of travel – it prefers a cool, slightly chilly environment – so you may find it blessed with some cosmetic adaptations from its journey to you. We're proud to say there are no wasteful, fuel-hungry or landfill-cozy insulation products accompanying your chocolate to its destination. And certainly no gums or stabilizers that might artifically preserve or standardize its texture and appearance from one bar to the next. So these imperfections are normal and to be expected.

In short, we think the differences in flavor, appearance and texture help each bar come alive. Because you and we are alive too, and there's always more life to go around.

100% compostable materials

Handwrapped in our very own slowcocoa studio in the bronx, nyc, powered by 100% renewable wind energy. So all that should linger is the taste (not waste).

Single-origin, mindful sourcing

We source our cacao from smallholder farmers located as close as possible to our studio in nyc, avoiding excess fuel waste while supporting the world's most innovative producers of fine cacao.

Powered by plants

100% vegan, always. (Not by accident.)

We try to infuse more life and energy into the world through our chocolate, never to take. Whenever possible, we source locally from our friends at some of new york's finest upstate farms.