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slowcocoa mindful craft chocolate, shown with cat-themed poetry books and short story collections

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slowcocoa fresh cacao pods with beans, sugar and chocolate

slowcocoa handcrafts mindful chocolate, curated to fit how you feel.

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Chocolate-covered blueberry?

But with no actual blueberries? And no flavors, extracts, lecithins/emulsifiers, milk fat, extra cocoa butter...

That's right: only two ingredients, plus the light drizzle of pink Himalayan salt.

(Prefer unsalted? Try our classic 70% PISA.)

The beauty of this bar is in the delay. The longer we let the chocolate slowly melt, the more the flavors s l o wly unfold.

If this marks your first intro to craft chocolate, prepare to be shocked by the power of fine-flavor cacao. And if you're a craft chocolate veteran, consider this bar a bright (dare we say, fruitful) addition to any chocolate lover's growing collection.

Organic Haitian cacao, organic cane sugar, Himalayan pink salt.

Made in a fully vegan, gluten-free facility powered by 100% renewable wind energy.

July 20, 2024 | SLOWreading Poetry & Chocolate Tasting

Local poets + craft chocolate.

We're proud to offer NYC's first craft chocolate poetry night. Join us for SLOWreading: a poetry & mindful chocolate tasting, Saturday July 20th, 7:30 – 9:30pm at Kaleidoscope Studios in Brooklyn, NYC.

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slowcocoa craft chocolate bar surrounded with literature including Tennessee Williams' "A Streetcar Named Desire" and others
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Our cult-favorite 70% dark chocolate-covered mangoes get a spicy refresh.

Featuring our spice lovers' beloved 70% Pequin chili dark chocolate, the balance of sweet, decadently dehydrated Petacón mangoes with the percolating pop of its spicy overcoat makes for a chili chocolate mango experience any spice lover would sweat for.

Not too hot, and just hot enough.

Just how we like it.

Petacón dried mango*, single-origin Haitian cacao*, cane sugar*, cacao butter*, Pequin chili pepper*.

*All organic. Made in a fully vegan facility powered by 100% renewable wind energy.

Read more about PISA in our "About the origin" section.

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Through thick and thick, warm and cold, frigid to frantic, restless to listless, hopeful to cup-full. . . tea is there for us.

Now chocolate is here, too, with tea.

More specifically, the chocolate is the tea.

Made from the fresh, house-roasted husks of our single-origin cacao beans from Reserva Zorzal in the Dominican Republic, chocolate tea is unlike any other beverage in our teabag-box basket. (Don't know about you, but we love a basket brimming with teaboxes.) It shares a consistency with other herbal teas, so is not to be confused with the more familiar beverage of eternal youth and holiday cheer that goes by the deceptively similar descriptor, "hot chocolate".

Chocolate tea is hot, all right; it is hot and it is chocolate. But hot chocolate it is not.

It is light and airy, naturally sweet and rustic, with a deep, chocolatey aroma that lifts our spirit any time of day.  Its sips and smells are calming, even as they remind us that energy is sometimes a choice as much as a daily inheritance from the sun, snow, clouds, snacks and sips that surround us.

We like to sip slowly, yes; and also breathe in deeply – there is something healing in these husks.

Lovingly packaged in fully compostable resealable pouches. Each bag prepares 16-20 servings, pending the strength of your brew. Tea is low-caffeine and high-theobromine: a combination often reported by fans to bring a calm, focus-boosting effect ripe for gratitude.

Single-origin, organic Dominican cacao husks.

Roasted in-house using 100% wind energy.

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You've tasted white chocolate, but have you flown atop the oat clouds on a carbon-neutral ferry? Now accessible via public transit, the white chocolate skies take on a new creamy definition in our latest 3-ingredient bar.

Yes, this chocolate is real.

What makes it so different? Oh, so much – or, we might say, so little: with only three ingredients and optional cinnamon drizzle, we let the unprocessed, natural Dominican-origin cacao butter carry the the flavor and texture. No sugar as the first ingredient, or a whole paragraph of fluff in parentheses and lecithins, emulsifiers, corn syrup, or other 'stuff', amounting to that well-known sugary high that screams 'candy!' more than craft.

Fun fact: our white chocolate includes roughly as much sugar as our 70% dark bars. (That's about 6g per serving, or 12g per bar. . . but who's counting? We're still in the clouds :)

From the Dominican Republic to NYC, to the clouds of oat, to you.

Safe landing not included.

Organic cacao butter, organic cane sugar, organic gluten-free oats.

Made in a fully vegan facility powered by 100% renewable wind energy.