Mindful Drinking Chocolate | 70% PISA

What's drinking chocolate?

Well, think of hot cocoa. . . now instead of mixing sugar and water with gums or lecithins or alkalized ('dutch-processed’) cocoa powder, imagine each sip 70x more chocolatey, more nuanced — and mindfully crafted from some of the world's most sought-after organic cacao.

Starting with our first ingredient of house-roasted, single-origin Haitian cacao, our drinking chocolate is quite literally molten 70% dark chocolate in a mug. Simply add your favorite milk (we recommend oat) over the stovetop, mix till evenly combined, and sip slowly.

One of our most popular dark chocolates, served even slower.

As always, our packaging is 100% compostable, down to the label & adhesive. Each resealable bag contains the equivalent of close to four 70% PISA dark chocolate bars (nearly $40 value), freshly stone-ground and prepared into easily meltable shavings for 5-6 servings of thick, European-style drinking chocolate – or 10-12 servings with a more drinkable hot chocolate consistency.

Organic cacao butter (37%), organic cane sugar, organic gluten-free oats, organic cinnamon, organic nutmeg.

Made in a fully vegan, gluten-free facility powered by 100% renewable wind energy.

Sprinkle 1-2 tbsp generously as a creamer, or enjoy a dedicated cup of drinking chocolate – hot or cold. For best results, we suggest infusing as much intention, joy, and slowness to the preparation as to the final sipping.

Each bag serves 6 - 8.

Hot prep:

1. In a small saucepan, warm 1 cup of your favorite milk over medium heat. For extra thick & creamy sips, add only half a cup. (We love using oat milk.)

2. Bring to a (s)low simmer.

3. Reduce heat to low, and slowly add 1/4 cup or 4 tbsp slowcocoa drinking chocolate. Whisk vigorously until combined and frothy.

4. Pour into a mug, recite a short intention or blessing (optional), and enjoy!

Iced prep:

1. Add 4 tbsp (approx. 25g or 1/4 cup) slowcocoa drinking chocolate to a standard glass, at least 12 oz capacity.

2. Melt and whisk with 2oz freshly boiled water. Mix till the chocolate is completely melted.

3. Add 8oz of your favorite vegan milk, then continue whisking till combined and frothy.

4. Top off glass with ice to your liking, slowly sip and enjoy!

For some fun: try pouring slowcocoa drinking chocolate into your morning cup of coffee or an afternoon smoothie, topping off your favorite ice cream, or even adding a sprinkle onto yogurt or fresh pancakes. The choco-possibilities are endless!

The cocoa butter we often find in the store or in various skin products tends to be "deodorized" – i.e., processed through the use of a superheated steam under vacuum in order to remove much of the flavor or aroma unique to the ingredient.

It turns out, when sourced carefully from fine-quality beans, cocoa butter in fact can carry a flavor of its own. Many are not used to the experience of a white chocolate whose first ingredient is non-deodorized ('natural'), fine-quality cocoa butter.

To our palate, the result carries the most refreshing caramel notes, and reminders of the youthfulness we walk around with each day, waiting for something eerily familiar, addictive and just sweet enough to bring the skip back in our step.

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