Mangoes: 70% Dark Chocolate-Covered

Mangoes: 70% Dark Chocolate-Covered

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Freshly dehydrated Petacón mango, hand-dipped in our bestseller 70% Wampu two-ingredient dark chocolate, with beans sourced from indigenous Miskito farmers in the Wampusirpi region of northeast Honduras.

Growing up, dried mangoes were the type of food I could easily lose track of time (and satiation) munching on (with some help from Costco-sized portions). Much like chocolate, fruits and maybe dried fruits in particular are often fast paths to mindless munching, at least in our experience.

Can you relate?

What might it feel like to sit down with a single piece, and let the body's tactile and sensory response – along with the emotions and memories it conjures – be enough?

These nibbles are slow to create. We hope they'll be slower to enjoy.

Organic Petacón dried mango, organic, single-origin Honduran cacao, organic cane sugar.

Made in a fully vegan facility powered by 100% renewable wind energy.

Learn more about Wampusirpi cacao and the origin story behind our bestselling bar from our sourcing partners at Uncommon Cacao.

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