SLOWbites | 49% dark+oatmilk chocolate

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Crafted with 49% single-origin Haitian cacao – slightly sweeter than our 57% dark+milk alternative – our oatmilk+dark chocolate SLOWbites combines an irresistibly creamy milkiness and intricate fruity notes – all with only four ingredients.

Our unwavering commitment to mindful and sustainable sourcing is at the heart of these nibbles, thanks to our direct-trade partnership with the PISA cooperative of smallholder farmers in Haiti, ensuring both premium, fine-flavor cacao and positive impact and price transparency among the communities we collaborate with.

Fun and irregular-sized chunks invite playful nibbling on the go or slow savoring at your own pace.

As always, the entire packaging is 100% compostable - either at home, in your backyard or a commercial composting facility - down to each label and adhesive.

Organic single-origin Haitian cacao, organic cane sugar, organic gluten-free oats, organic cacao butter.

Made in a 100% gluten-free and vegan facility, powered by renewable wind energy.

Learn more about our Haitian cacao and the PISA cooperative from our sourcing partners at Uncommon Cacao.