70% Pequin

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*** Serious Spice ***

SERIOUS. spice. Proceed with caution.

From our internally-conducted, thoroughly un-scientific studies, we have determined that the spicy chocolate-going population consists of two camps: (1) those who take us at our word that this bar contains serious spice levels of spice, and so decide to safely stay away; and (2) those who hear "serious" and "spice" together in reference to chocolate as a call to action, and dive headfirst into any size sample piece.

This second camp can further be divided into two groups: (2a) they take a bite, wait, wonder if they might've received the wrong sample piece, then soon realize they did not. Followed by some version of "wow" or "that's spicy!"; they love it! And conclude we probably over-hyped just how spicy this bar is.

And then there's subgroup (2b) – and if you take nothing else from this ramble, let it please be the takeaway that we hope you won't become part of (2b)! They find the spiciness of their first piece slowly unfold, then quickly wish they had interpreted "serious spice" more literally and emphatically. We offer them a piece of oatmilk chocolate as a chaser (this is good practice for all 70% Pequin participants!).

You've been over-hyped/forewarned :)

Organic cacao, organic cane sugar, organic cacao butter, organic pequin pepper.

Made in a fully vegan facility powered by 100% renewable wind energy.

Learn more about Wampusirpi cacao and the origin story behind our bestselling chocolate origin from our sourcing partners at Uncommon Cacao.

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